Being a mum of a 20-month old little girl is both a pleasure and a challenge. I am sure all parents agree with me fully, when I say that there is never a dull moment once you have off-spring and on the rare occasion there is, it involves a (hot) brew or a glass of something of above 9% abv.

So to introduce myself, I am Rebecca (aka Whippet, Becki, Becs, Northern Monkey, Violet, the list is long and not exclusively appropriate) a 33-year-old from Yorkshire, I am mum to Darcy, wife to Stephen, I am a sister, a daughter, a colleague, a friend and a generally positive soul (but as you will see I have my moments) my friends and family mean more to me than I can say, but so does life, we only get one……live it!!

So the plan is to blog about family-life in general, the one liners my daughter will shortly start to grace us with, the hilarious “telling-offs” that my hubby gives to her, but what with the world being the fascinating place it is and me being an open person (or as my friends may say a gobsh1t3) I can’t wholeheartedly promise that I won’t go off on some tangent or another. Please know that I am writing for my own benefit/counsel, if other people read my blog then that’s cool, if they enjoy it then even better!!




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