How good are kids at kicking off? Wow, my eyes have been well and truly opened over the past 2 months. Our daughter Darcy is just over 20 months old, 95% of the time, she is a joy, a pleasure and a clever little thing. But cut her toast up for her or even suggest helping her brush her teeth properly and in return you are met with a response that would match up to that of a parent whose kids has just been presented with a “Jim fixed it for me” medal by a dodgy looking bloke in a shell suit!!

In their little world and short time on this Earth the small things must seem big, so it is indeed a travesty when you cannot put on your own shoe, or when your favourite acid trip inspired cartoon is on and your parents want to make you comfortable by replacing the wet nappy with a spanking new dry one! No-way Jose, instead let’s scream as if we are having our toe nails removed with tweezers!!! It’s such a hard life!

Trivial little things kids, but they are fantastic entertainment as well, Darcy’s new trick is to count to ten, but she is obviously a little prejudice towards 6 and 7 as she omits to include them in her boisterous drill sergeant-like announcement to the whole of the area of Acklam in which we reside.

I would love to hear your favourite account of your child’s tantrum! The reasons are usually high on the hilarity scale. Feel free to share!


3 thoughts on “Tantrums

  1. amy111rose says:

    Ahhh…welcome to the life of tantrums. I remember thinking “geez these terrible 2’s” are hard work, then learnt “3” was even worse! My 7yr old son can still chuck a huge wobbly when required lol.
    Look forward to reading more (and remember those days when mine were little)


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